Bhuvan Bam In An Interview|Revealing His Day Of Hardships

Bhuvan Bam Faces Several Hardships

Bhuvan Bam is a well-known name today in the music and comic industry. His YouTube channel BB Ki Vines was the first Indian channel to get more than 10 million subscribers. But behind every successful person is a story of his hardships that he has overcome.
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In an interview with Pinkvilla, Bhuvam spoke about his hardships on how he an average student and never excelled in academics. He also revealed that he has been to almost all the reality shows and got rejected.
Bhuvan said, “I have been to all the reality shows. Five or six years back if you had to show your talent to anyone, you had to stand in long queues only to get rejected.
Bhuvan also revealed how his family crisis got him close to his elder brother, Aman Bam. Aman met with a severe accident and was on bed rest for six to seven years before getting back to normal life and started working with Wipro. He didn’t give up on his dream of becoming a pilot and tried within a year of working at Wipro and got into Indigo airlines as a pilot!
Bhuvan also revealed that he scored 74% in his intermediate and didn’t make it to any college. He then went to Dominos to apply as a delivery boy and got shouted from there also. Well, as they say, all good things come to an end, here’s Bhuvan Bam one of the most successful YouTuber and comics in our country.
Actually the success is not running after money but after your talent, your passion. Though  Bhuvan Bam tried to earn money in so many different area's,,, but actually his name and fame were through youtube platform which was also his passion.
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