Carry Minati Released New Video-"NOT A DARING SHOW"|Roasting Wakar Zaqa Hilariously

Carry Minati's New Video Is out:

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In the video "NOT A DARING SHOW" Ajay Nagar(Carry Minati) actually roasted WAKAR ZAQA, a Pakistani TV-host.
The video is very hilarious and Carry Mnati had roasted Wakar Zaqa and the contestants of the show in a very funny way.
Ajay Nagar very cleanly chooses the funny scenes of the Pakistani TV show hosted by Wakar Zaqa, in which the contestants actually have to perform some tasks like passing snakes through the nasal canal and then taking it out from the mouth, etc,etc,,,well this show can be compared to the "ROADIES".
The whole video is just laughing out loud at the non-sense done by the contestants and Carry Minati's hilarious comments on them.
Ajay Nagar also posted about the release of his new video on Twitter.
Ajay Nagar new video


Yes, Ajay Nagar's fans are really very happy to see the video as they also posted their reactions on Twitter. The video is so funny that none will go before completing it. It's the best Roast ever made.
Link to the video: