German Govt failed to upgrade To Windows 10, Now Has To Pay Over Rs. 6 Crore | Know The Full Report

German govt to pay $887,000 for windows 7 extended security updates!!!

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Still, after windows 7 officially ended its service there are many users who still use Windows 7 for one reason or another.

Why people and enterprises not upgrading to the latest versions of windows?

The answer is quite simple because we all know that windows 7 is quite stable than the latest versions of the windows. Further, for enterprise users, the problem comes when they have to invest a lot to upgrade a huge number of PCs and laptops to the latest version. For example, the government of Germany failed to upgrade its systems to the latest versions and hence in order to ensure security of systems now they have to pay a huge sum.

What's the case?

The German govt failed to upgrade to Windows 10 on time and is now facing a bill of Rs. 6.3 crores for failing to upgrade to windows 10.
The German govt is looking to upgrade it's 33,000 devices that are still running on Windows 7. The upgrade, however, involves paying a big amount of money to Microsoft. The govt had reportedly begun upgrading its device to windows 10 but could not upgrade all of them.
The report says about 20,000 in Berlin govt offices are still on windows 7.