Indian Gamers To Attend Youtube's Event In California|3 Indian Gamer's Selected

Youtube Event To Held In The October Or November End.

Related to a gaming community event, Youtube has announced an event in California at the end of October Or November 2019.
More intrestingly it's a piece of good news for the Indian youtube gaming community that 3 Indian gamers are invited for the Youtube event in California.
  1. Carry minati
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    Carry minati: Ajey Nagar (born: June 12, 1999 [age 20]), better known online as CarryMinati, or just Carry, is an Indian YouTuber who uploads commentaries, roasts, rants and reaction videos on his YouTube channel,. He also has a second channel called, "CarryisLive", and live streams there daily.
  2. Dynamo Gaming
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Dynamo Gaming: the real name of dynamo gaming is Aadii Sawant popularly known as Dynamo. He Plays the most popular game PUBG Mobile on Emulator to stream on youtube. Here Is the Some Popular game play of Dynamo on Youtube
3. Krontent Gaming
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Krontent Gaming: Kronten Gaming also known as Chetan Chandgude is a live streamer on YouTube with over 1.2 million subscribers. He streams the game “PUBG Mobile” on his channel every day two times (morning and evening).  Kronten Gaming real name is Chetan Chandgude and he was born in Pune, India.