Man Receives Fake iPhone 11 Pro|Ordered From Flipkart|Paid 93,000

Fraud from Flipkart

A Bengaluru man was recently faced with the dark side of online shopping when he ordered an iPhone from online retailer Flipkart and received a counterfeit phone instead.
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Rajani Kant Kushwah, an engineer based in Bengaluru, recently ordered the iPhone 11 Pro and made the full payment of Rs 93,900 online at the time of the purchase. However, when the delivery arrived, Kushwah discovered that he had been swindled. The phone that arrived was not an original iPhone 11 Pro but a counterfeit phone with a fake camera sticker attached to its backside.
The customer approached Flipkart after the delivery of the product and has since been assured that the product will be replaced.
This is not time that customers have placed high-value orders on Flipkart, only to face disappointment at the time of delivery. Last year, a customer from Mumbai had ordered an iPhone 8 from Flipkart, only to receive a bar of detergent in the delivery package.

Serious concern

This is not the single case that occurred in the country, E-Shopping has caused several customers to face such fraudery before and caused inconvenience and removed their trust from online shopping.
It is expected that "FLIPKART" being a large E-Commerce giant should always prevent such big mishappening, to retain its image in the market.