Munmun Dutta got abused comment on twitter | Supporting #CAA_NRC

Munmun Dutta Got Abused Comments On Her Twitter Inbox

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Munmun Dutta a famous T.V serial actress who gain name and fame through a famous T.V serial T.M.K.O.C(Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma), where she played the role of BABITA.
Recently Munmun Dutta got abused comments on her Twitter inbox, she twitted it with the comments "The abuses hurled at me in my comment sections and DMs by these radical and intolerant losers after my opinion on #CAA_NRC. "
The abuse came on when Munmun Dutta twitted supporting CAA and NRC. It is not hidden that there's a huge and strong protest going on all over India where the people are protesting either in the favor of CAA nad NRC or against it.
In this situation when she commented in favor of NRC and CAA the anger from people supporting Anti-CAA and Anti-NRC got provoked and commented slang on her, which obviously not correct.
Here's an image of Munmun Dutta's  post:

After CAA - NRC law came into force we saw a lot of protests among the countrymen, there were strong protests all over the country and even many lost their lives. However, abusing our own countrymen is very wrong and should not be done. We should have moral value and respect in us and respects everyone's feelings and views.