Why Adivasis Hangs A Reverse Clock On The Wall | Truth Revealed

So, this was the reason why Adivasis hangs a reverse clock on their walls!!!

The history behind hanging a reverse clock in the home is explained by Adivasi's religious leader "DASARAM VARGHA".He says that nature always does it's tasks from left to right. On this concept entire Adivasi community lives and beliefs. So, Adivasi keeps the reverse clock in there home.
why adivasi uses reverse clock

Adivasi's till today cares about nature and are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the world and protection of nature.
why adivasi uses reverse clock
The "REVERSE WATCH" travells in the opposite direction to the normal clock but shows the same time as that of a normal clock.
The fact which Adivasi's gives behind using a reverse watch is that their entire work is according to the rules of nature so their clock must also follow the same rule i.e travell from left to right.